Fans discriminate against Ricky Martin J Balvin declares his love!

Fans discriminate against Ricky Martin J Balvin declares his love! | Instagram

The singer Ricky Martin recently opened his heart and explained feeling disappointed after a large number of fans stopped following him on their social networks after a strong posting, the interpreter “The best thing in my life is you was hurt with this act of” discrimination ” , a photo with her husband, Jwan Yosef, would be the trigger.

In the middle of the celebration of “LGBT + Pride Day“, the artist shared a publication that, far from celebrating this date, became a reflection on prejudice.

The call “king of latin pop“He shared moments of a session with his partner and father of his four children Jwan Yosef, however, this resulted in the annoyance of some of his followers, so much so that they even stopped following him on their social networks, he revealed.

Today I want to speak to you from my most vulnerable side. A week ago, I uploaded some photos with my husband for a special issue of @ cap74024 magazine. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and a way to celebrate our pride, “he said in a recent post on his official Instagram account.

The singer and “television actor“He expressed his sadness, not for losing followers but for the reason behind his decision, that was what hurt him the most, he commented, in addition to receiving some derogatory comments.

What I did not expect, especially after all the work that has been done for so many years, is that a large number of people decided to stop following us or comment in a derogatory way. Of course, it is not the number of followers that worries me, it is the message behind his decision, he continued to show his pain at these events.

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The “former man”, Enrique Martin Morales, better known as Ricky Martin, said that this led him to relive the same feeling of fear that he experienced years ago when he publicly shared his true orientations.

It has given me the same feeling that I had years ago before sharing publicly about my sexual orientation. That same fear that paralyzed me, tormented me and would not let me be, ”added Ricky.

Today Ricky Martin, husband of the plastic artist Jwan Yosef since 2017 and with whom today he has formed a family with four children, of whom both share paternity, the youngest Valentino, Mateo, Lucía and Renn Martin Yosef.

In the photographs that make up the recent edition session you can see some images where the couple appears hugging and shirtless, it was the couple who headed the number of the special edition that celebrates “pride month”.

Apparently, the reaction from the public would have been the least expected on the part of the singer, so it was the “nationalized Spanish” himself who showed his discomfort.

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Likewise, the multi-award-winning figure of music and entertainment reiterated that one of his biggest dreams is that at some point everyone can feel free, and proud of themselves.

May we be loved, respected, and accepted. What we can express how we are not born without retaliation or being punished. It is not fair to continue losing valuable lives due to prejudice and lack of education. Concluded.

After this, several artists have shown their support for the native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, including comments such as that of the reggaeton artist J Balvin who told him “I would marry you” in a way of showing his solidarity.

The Colombian did not hesitate to declare himself a fan of the artist and dedicate an affectionate message to him, giving him all his support.

You are the most special man in the world, I would marry you! I love you, ”wrote J Balvin in Ricky Martin’s publication.

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The comment from the Medellín native left no doubt about his empathy in the fight against discrimination against the LGBT community.

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