Fans believe Astro Bot studio is working on Metal Gear Solid remake

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Having released 2 installments of the Sony Astro Bot franchise, Team Asobi, a development team within SIE Japan Studio, gained renown. His latest game, Astro’s Playroom, gave a good exposure of the PlayStation 5’s features, so it is striking that the new project he’s working on is not yet known. However, a hint has just emerged that makes fans think that it might be developing a highly anticipated Konami game.

A few weeks ago, the developer hinted that there might be more news from Astro Bot soon, which made fans very excited; However, Sony later revealed that it was a misunderstanding, and that there were no plans for a new installment, which left the unknown around the new work of the studio.

Well, fans are still looking for answers and some noticed a very important clue that makes them believe that the next project will be the expected remake of Metal Gear Solid. Many think this because Team Asobi producer and creative director Nicolas Doucet recently changed his Twitter profile picture to one of Astro in an outfit of the legendary Big Boss, a recurring character from Metal Gear Solid, as he appears in Ground Zeroes.

Multiple clues indicate that the Metal Gear Solid remake is in development

If this detail is not enough to convince you that Team Asobi is working on the Metal Gear Solid remake, it is normal; After all, Doucet may have simply changed his profile picture because he’s a fan of the franchise, aside from Big Boss not appearing in Metal Gear Solid.

However, you should know that the idea that the Metal Gear Solid remake is in development is not new, but there are several sources that refer that it is a reality. We even learned recently that a reputable source reaffirmed that Konami is interested in lending these licenses. Also, as we told you, Team Asobi so far has not revealed what its new project is and it could well be this remake.

Image Nicolas Doucet, via TwitterImage Nicolas Doucet, via Twitter

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Also, we remind you that it is normal for some creatives to offer hints about their project in subtle ways. A clear example is Cory Barlog, commissioned by the God of War franchise, because on some occasion before a Sony presentation he changed his Twitter image to one that referred to God of War, hinting that there would be something from the series at the event , something that happened.

On the other hand, before the remake of Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5 was revealed, the Bluepoint Games studio multiple times shared clues that pointed to it working on the remake; in fact some of these tracks also made reference to that he was working on another remake and that it could be from Metal Gear Solid. So it does not sound unreasonable that both studies work together. We will keep you informed.

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