Fans ask that María Celeste stay at Univision

María Celeste returned to Univision as a guest on the network’s morning show. In Despierta América she was received in style and the fans are delighted to see her again on the television that saw her born. They have liked her return with this visit so much that now they are asking the television station to reinstate her. Some even promote it with a good “hit” to Telemundo for letting her go.

According to the press release Maria Celeste Arrarás came to the show to talk about various projects including his high-profile YouTube show “MC Live” who week after week is making headlines with his exclusive interviews. One of these was his interview with Adamari López.

“First impact without María Celeste and Myrka Dellanos, it was never the same… .👏”, commented a follower of the program on Instagram. “How nice it is to see her again, with that beautiful and sweet smile,” said another. Much is so clear that they even say: “Talents that today’s television needs.”

And so they began to ask for her return to Univision, but not as just another visit or interviewee, but as a talent hired by the network: “They should hire her again he knows how to do his job very well with humanity and passion ”. Some even ask already, if this has only been a preview of what it could be: “Will she be invited or will she be integrated? She is a great journalist please Univision a talent ”.

Some assert that seeing her again on Univision is a dream, but it would be even more so and come true if she were permanently integrated into the channel: “To stay would be a dream come true“; “Very good decision“, Say others, who believe that she has already returned to Univision in a definitive way.

Others have been clearer in saying: “Experience and wisdom are never allowed to escape. You will know if they integrate her back to Univision. In my opinion they will have more people. Everyone has the right, but the good and the great will always bear good fruit“; “Finally a good element. This is how it is worth seeing -the program-“.

“Hopefully they will hire her,” asserted several followers of Despierta América and admirers of María Celeste.

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