Fanny Salvat would she have found love in the arms of Jessica Errero? In any case, this is the hypothesis put forward by Aqababe.

It was on the set of La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 3 that Fanny Salvat finally fully accepted her sexuality. The young woman is no longer embarrassed by her attraction to women. It was also during the show that she met Nani trindade with whom she had a beautiful love story.

The duo even took part in La Bataille des couples 2. Unfortunately, their romance is now over. The young women had separated for the first time before giving themselves another chance. Despite their efforts, this was not enough.

To explain this separation, Fanny had told Melty:

I think it was weariness. We were a little too used to each other, we believed that it was also acquired to each other.

Is Fanny now with Jessica Errero?

Blogger Aqababe came up with a crazy hypothesis that no one would have thought of. The latter said he thought that Fanny might be in a relationship with Jessica Errero!

But why does Aqababe think that Fanny Salvat and Jessica Errero can be a couple? Well simply because of Similar Instagram posts.

They both took the pose in a bathroom with the same wall tiles. Both recently posted a photo on the same beach and identical decorative elements can be found in their respective posts.

Obviously, Aqababe does not assert anything but finds it all very strange.

A rumor not so crazy

If the announcement is surprising, we must not forget that Rayane Bensetti’s ex is bisexual. The rumor of a sexual relationship with Milla Jasmine had also circulated at the time. She had discussed this with Sam Zirah in 2017:

Milla is a woman I met in LMvsMONDE. […] She is a very beautiful woman, attractive afterwards I have nothing more to say. […] I have already had experiences with women.

So could it be that Fanny Salvat forgets her ex Nani in Jessica’s arms?

Fanny Salvat: A chaotic love past

Before getting into a relationship with her ex Nani Trindade, Fanny Salvat had a sulphurous reputation. Indeed, she has never hidden having foraged right to left, she who was still looking for herself. It was in 2016 that she became known in Les Marseillais South Africa.

During the program, she did not hesitate to get closer to Kevin Guedj. She also slept with him when the latter had decided to get into a relationship with Carla Moreau, now his fiancée and mother of his daughter.

Seductress, Fanny Salvat had also tried to get closer to Julien Tanti and Rémi Notta. Vivian Grimigni is also one of her ex boyfriends. It is in The Villa of Broken Hearts 3 that she was able to find it with their stormy relationship and an explosive separation. The young man was still very angry with her who was trying to find out if she was more attracted to men or to women.

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