Fani Carbajo opens on the channel and recounts episodes of abuse, alcohol and drugs

Fani Carbajo made her leap to fame with the first edition of ‘The island of temptations’ and with the well-known « Estefaníaaa! » of his then partner Christofer Guzmán, with whom he currently maintains a romantic relationship. We have known a lot about her through her participation in different Telecinco formats, but now He has opened the channel to tell what he has suffered during his childhood and adolescence in Mtmad.

Fani Carbajo on her Mtmad profile

The Madrilenian begins to relate how her life was since she was little and the difficulties she had to go through as a result of her parents’ addictions: « When I was little my mother entered the world of drugs« , something that ended up precipitating the separation of the sisters. While Fani ended up leaving with her father, some of her sisters left with other relatives, something that caused a sad episode according to the ex of ‘The island of temptations’: » we practically don’t know each other. […] I found out through social networks that I was going to be an aunt« , he says, something that shows that separation.

These circumstances caused Fani had to go live with her father, « who was an alcoholic at that time ». She herself assumes that all this maelstrom was decisive for come to believe « the owner of the world » with a halo of rebellion aroundWhat’s more, he affirms that he lacked something above all: « It was like that because I never had what I really needed is education, » he says with sincerity.

Time passes and certain wounds heal, although others may remain open for a long time. Without a doubt, one of the hardest episodes that he has recounted in front of the camera was the tragic death of his mother: « The police call me to tell me that they had found my mother’s body abandoned in a building« , counts with regret.

The hard episodes with her ex-partner

As she has shared on several occasions, Fani Carbajo is the mother of a child from a relationship prior to Christofer Guzmán. In the mouth of the protagonist, that couple’s story became « toxic », where he had to suffer « abuse, insults and deceit » by the father of his son. « He kicked me in the gut while pregnant« , he says before telling that contact has been completely lost.