Like every Tuesday, the first main course of ‘Survivors: No Man’s Land’ has been the announcement of the saved contestant, the one released from the stressful expulsion process. On this occasion, the nominees were Nyno Vargas, Ferre, Cristian Suescun and Fani Carbajo. Of all of them, who has ended up distancing himself from carrying the bullseye on his back has been Fani, who has felt stronger than anyone the love of the public.

Fani Carbajo in ‘Survivors’

At the gala held on the night of March 24, Lara Álvarez has carried out the traditional ritual of the mud bath, which has begun with certain difficulties in revealing who was the first to be nominated: Cristian. Sofía Suescun’s brother had to wait longer than usual for the mud rain, which ended up soaking Nyno as well, in what would be a harbinger of what was to come.

Then it was Ferre’s turn to learn about his continuity as a nominee, and, finally, Nyno had just completely bathed in mud while Fani was drenched in the water of salvation. In this way, the former contestant on ‘The island of temptations’ lived the same fate as last week, becoming the saved for the second consecutive time, a streak that shows the public’s favor for it.

More excited than ever

I’m super nervous. Many thanks. To my family, my friends, the people who are supporting me, “Fani recognized just after knowing his fate, adding that he had” a thousand hearts. “And, despite becoming a habit, this salvation frees him from the expulsion process next Thursday, although Nyno has tried to take the situation with humor: “You have to be positive. There are people who pay to be filled with mud and we have it for free