The third gala of ‘The strong house’ was loaded with clashes, But what the audience of the reality show on Telecinco and Bulldog TV could hardly imagine is that one of these was going to star in the format’s own presenter, and that is that Fani CarbajoFani did not hesitate to confront Sonsoles Ónega after a comment the journalist made about the son’s notes. The moment also became a topic of conversation in networks, which were divided supporting Fani on the one hand and Ónega on the other and also made the couple of contestants leave the gala a few minutes after the tension experienced live.

Fani Carbajo against Sonsoles Ónega in ‘La casa fuerte’

Well, this fight started after the broadcast of a video in which we saw how Fani and Christofer received a message from their son in which lex explained that he had failed three subjects but that he would be able to pass the course without problem. « You have been calmer knowing that he has failed three subjects but has been able to pass the course, » Ónega told him live, to which Fani replied stating that her son « works hard and always approves of all (…) I am very sure that it has suspended Plastic, Physical Education and Values« This was convinced of this because before entering the reality show, those were the subjects in which she had the most difficulties.

« Wow! Values! Don’t tell me he suspended it »followed Ónega; something that seems that Carbajo did not like too much, who replied saying that « he has suspended the subjects that were not taking place at home », while the journalist reminded him that « that is worrying ». Minutes later, the presenter of ‘The strong house’ explained to both that her son has not failed Values ​​since Mathematics has been the subject that has been pending but what little she could imagine is that Carabajo was going to charge directly against her just seconds later. Fani did not hesitate to confront the reality show host and confessed that she had really felt bad about that comment.

Sonsoles Ónega: « Excuse me? »

« I did not like your comment or how you referred to my son (…) you have no idea of ​​the education I give my son in my house », sentenced the former participant of ‘The island of temptations’, something that undoubtedly also outraged Ónega, who replied with a forceful: « Forgives? », while the rest of the contestants were totally shocked that Carbajo had charged like this against the presenter of the space. For his part, Sonsoles Ónega wanted to defend himself and made it very clear that « at no time have I judged the education that you give your son. » Meanwhile, Carbajo insisted that « It has been very bad for me, because I am very concerned about education and studies and I was very worried (…) and I was taking away iron in case it was Plastic or Values, but not values ​​of education (…) and your comment of ‘oh, how are you going to give your values’ It has hurt a lot« , something that Christofer seconded. Despite this and after being away from the gala for a few minutes, the couple returned and Sonsoles took the opportunity to apologize if the comment had ever made them feel bad since, as the journalist made clear, there was no bad intention in her words.