Mediaset has found a gold mine in the relationship between Christofer Guzmán and Fani Carbajo. Since they went viral on ‘The Island of Temptations’ with a heartbroken cry, have settled on the sets of the communication group, connecting realities throughout the year. After her passage through ‘Survivors’, both now participate in ‘The strong house’, although her involvement in the new program could be cut off sooner than expected.

Fani discusses in ‘The Strong House’

Although rifirrafes are the quintessence of Telecinco’s reality shows, Fani and Christofer have surprised with a hard row that has been revealed live by Jorge Javier Vázquez in ‘Saturday deluxe’. During the visit of Adara Molinero, who has experienced his particular confrontation with Gianmarco Onestini, the presenter has been very attentive to his mobile, where the flow of news about ‘The strong house’ was constant.

« Christopher wants to leave the contest, « Jorge Javier has commented without losing his gaze on his phone screen, immediately announcing that he had » another headline « : »Fani has said that if Christofer does not go she will go. « Later, the images of that discussion have been shown, in which Christofer blamed his partner for having changed his way of being to show off in reality: » You have my cock already from so much insult. You’re not like that, girl, you’re not like this We come to be ourselves. « To which she was quick to respond: » I am myself. « 

Imminent abandonment?

After that first confrontation, the discussion dragged on and Christofer claimed to be « tired » of Fani’s attitude, before her puzzled gaze. « Christopher accuses her of getting into all the trouble in the house and tells her that she is not normally like this. He is fed up and wants to quit, « added Jorge Javier from the set, while Rafa Mora has argued that Fani is a reflection of Oriana Marzoli, so he would be emulating his strategies: » He imitates her in everything. «