Fani Carbajo arrived at Amador Mohedano’s house on the night of Wednesday, September 16 very excited to record a new installment of ‘Come to dinner with me: Gourmet Edition’. However, everything would be about to change, since Miguel Frigenti was already inside the house, who, before even saying hello, already said: « I’m from the Carbajo until the work ».

Fani, leaving Amador Mohedano’s house, in ‘Come and have dinner with me: Gourmet edition’

She preferred to ignore the comment and talk about the large pool that Amador has in his house. This comment helped Frigenti to send a new zasca to his dinner companion: « Could we do a recreation of what you did in ‘The island of temptations’ in the pool« . You’re stupid, kid, » Fani snapped, who was not amused by the comment.

While the host asked for calm, Frigenti told Fani that he is « a little bit unbearable » and he needs to have a little more sense of humor because he can make all the jokes he wants. She told him that she could, but not in front of her. « Boy, do you have neurons in there? No, » Fani said in one of the program’s totals. Although she tried to pretend nothing was wrong and calm down, she decided to grab her bag and leave. « He’s already doing the show, » said Frigento, who took this comment from the one he was about to leave: « Fuck you! »

Come back for Amador

Once outside the house, Fani said she did not want to be with a « bad », « harmful » and « poisonous » person. And he also added that he does have a sense of humor, « but with certain things I don’t have it. » After a while, Frigenti decided to go looking for him and after a conversation, Fani decided to go back into the house, but made it clear what his decision was due to: « If I enter, I enter through Amador. I’m going for him. »