Fan sells a cardboard replica of the PlayStation 5 on eBay for $ 399 USD

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When a console hits the market, its presales are usually sold out instantly by hoarders who then swarm the reseller sites to sell the console at exorbitant prices. The premiere of the PlayStation 5 was not without resellers, but on the eBay site one noticed that it was selling a PlayStation 5, but made of cardboard.

As our friends from Tarreo report, a seller appeared on eBay who, instead of offering a PlayStation 5 at prices above the suggested price, offered the PlayStation 5 at the normal sale price, but with the particularity that it was made entirely of paperboard.

Although in the creation some details of abstraction can be seen and several manufacturing flaws are distinguished, the creator user took care of some details, such as the logo on the top of the console, as well as a couple of front ports. It also includes a DualSense.

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The PlayStation 5 apparently found a buyer

As you can see below, with the images with which the user accompanied the publication, it is difficult to distinguish which model it was, but taking into account that the “price to the public” of the cardboard system was $ 399.99 USD, it was clearly a replica of the digital model.

It is not known if the user preferred this model for its simpler design, but apparently it was. Unfortunately, the seller let go of the ability to add a disk slot and raise the price to $ 499.99.

What the user did mention is that the manufacture of this replica took about 3 hours and that unfortunately he would not be able to buy a real PlayStation 5, but he said that he would be very grateful if someone bought his cardboard version. The interesting thing is that apparently he found someone interested, because at the time of writing the note a legend appears indicating that “this ad has ended.”

Cardboard playstation 5

What do you think about this? Would you be willing to buy a cardboard replica of the PlayStation 5 or do you prefer the real console? Tell us in the comments.

If you’re an Xbox fan and you want your cardboard console, don’t worry, Microsoft has you covered, as they released blueprints to assemble their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S out of paper or cardboard. On the other hand, if like the seller of the cardboard PlayStation 5 you will not be able to buy the PlayStation 5 or you decide to wait, you can check out a simulator that allows you to launch one virtually.

The PlayStation 5 debuted on November 12 in Mexico and other regions and on November 19 it will reach the rest of the world. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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