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Dreams, the latest release of Media Molecule for PlayStation 4, has surprised us with everything it lets players do. Now many of us are left with our mouths open to find out that someone is using it to bring Halo to PlayStation.

DISARMED, a Twitter user who calls himself an auditory and visual creator, made a post in which he revealed his new project. It is a game made in Dreams that clearly takes place in the Halo universe.

In a short video, DISARMED revealed that their Dreams project has an amazing Halo-themed splash screen. Once the player decides to start the game, he can explore a world like Master Chief by loading his ever faithful MA5D assault rifle.

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You can see it below:

The project to bring Halo to Dreams is not yet public

The project is still in an early stage of development and that explains the absence of various characteristic elements of Halo. For example, we never see a player shoot, jump, or encounter an enemy.

Thus, the DISARMED project is just at a stage in which it recreates the style of Halo to gradually implement more. Thus, it will be necessary to be patient and see how far the project is progressing in the coming days and weeks.

You should also keep in mind that the DISARMED project is not yet public. This means that you will want to try it in Dreams.

And what did you think of it? Did you imagine seeing something like that? Tell us in the comments.

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