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The passage of time and the arrival of suitable tools on PC have allowed fans to unleash many projects that are based on the essential elements of their favorite games. The Legend of Zelda installments on Nintendo 64 are beloved by many gamers and it cannot be denied that there is a desire to create adventures that take place in Hyrule or Termina. Well, a famous modder did the same and released The Missing Link.

Renowned Super Mario 64 modder Kaze Emanuar and a group of friends decided to leave the iconic Nintendo plumber for a moment to focus on The Legend of Zelda and the Ocarina of Time engine to create a new adventure that takes place later. of the events of this game and prior to what happened in Majora’s Mask. This title for PC is called The Missing Link and has the assets of both Nintendo 64 games, however, the dungeons, the story and even the narrative-type scenes are new and the work of this group of fans.

As you can see in the launch trailer, The Missing Link seems to embrace the darker side of Hyrule, the one that showed the devastation caused by Ganondorf’s rise in Ocarina of Time and also picks up on the elements and details of Majora’s Mask, game. which in itself addresses a hidden and even scary side of The Legend of Zelda.

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