Screenshot // Instagram

By Publimetro Colombia

Saturday May 02, 2020, at 09:43

Screenshot // Instagram

With a terrace and Jacuzzi, this is the luxurious home that you share with Jessi Uribe. Paola Jara’s super house where she is quarantined.

Popular music singer Paola Jara is currently under quarantine along with her current partner, also singer, Jessi Uribe. This has been shown on social networks.

Together with his partner, he spends isolation time in a luxurious house located in Medellín. In the middle of a video call she made with the station Los 40 Principales, the singer showed the super house in which she lives.

This he did in the middle of an interview that Diego Sáenz, announcer of the mentioned station. In the video, in addition to answering a series of questions, he showed his house.

With a terrace and jacuzzi, and located in an exclusive area overlooking the city, it showed its followers the intimacy of their home.

(VIDEO) Paola Jara’s super house where she is quarantined.


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