Celebrities who are brothers and maybe you didn’t know it | Instagram

Some celebrities who are recognized by millions of people, have brothers They are also famous but perhaps many do not know the relationship and the great family bond they have, so we will introduce you to those who share their great talent.

Some celebrities have brothers who, like them, also dedicate themselves to performance and above all they have managed to carry it very well.

That is why this time we present you a list of famous sibling couples who are just as talented.

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Rooney and Kate Mara

Both have risen to stardom thanks to the influence of renowned director David Fincher and are currently one of the most sought-after sisters for Hollywood movies.

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James and Dave Franco

The Franco brothers do not have a great physical resemblance, but they do share their passion for cinema.

Dave Franco, who debuted in the cinema much later than his multifaceted brother James, but both have managed to be very well recognized by the public.

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Luke and Owen Wilson

They debuted together in a movie in 1996, and even though Luke gained more fame initially, Owen is the one who has managed to keep up despite the issues with his personal life.

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Alexander, Bill and Gustaf Skarsgård

It may be one of the most talented families on the planet, Alexander Skarsgard is recognized for his role in Tarzan, Bill Skarsgard for his role as Pennywise of It, while Gustaf for the hit Viking series.

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Gael García Bernal and Dario Yazbek Bernal

Darío, 28, is the half brother of actor Gael García Bernal, since they are both children of the actress and producer Patricia Bernal, yet they share their passion for acting.

It is very likely that you have been surprised with more than one pair of brothers, because despite being highly recognized they do not share much of their private life.