Famous people who translate their names into Spanish sound absurd

The translated names sound very funny.

Sandra Buey (Sandra Bullock). The actress wouldn’t look so glamorous with her name translated into Spanish as Sandra Buey.

Tomás Crucero (Tom Cruise) Sometimes they are very funny. Like “Tom Cruise” instead of Tom Cruise!

Nicolas Cage (Nicolas Cage) Let’s hope this celebrated artist doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia.

Tom Hanks (Thomas Hanks) Can you imagine the films Forrest Gump or Castaway being carried out by Tomás Hanks?

Roberto, the one with the red Ford (Robert Redford) Possibly this (now retired) artist is not a Chevrolet lover.

Natalia Portera (Natalie Portman) Natalie Portman would be Natalia Puerto Hombre, that crazy!

Nicole Child Man (Nicole Kidman) While there is a rule that people’s proper names are not translated, it is sometimes funny, like Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman).

Esteban Rey (Stephen King)

Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys)

Benedict Batch of Obstacles (Benedict Cumberbatch) British actor Benedict Cumberbatch would be called Benedict Batch of Obstacles. Surely he would have had to overcome a lot of “obstacles” to be famous with this Latin name.

Britney Spears (Britney Spears) Sometimes it is better to leave the names as they are, or you will have this result: Britney Lanzas.

Miguel Zorro (Michael J. Fox) Could it be that the protagonist of the Back to the Future saga has the cunning of this animal?

Estebita Maravilla (Stevie Wonder)

Bruno Teen Springs (Bruce Springsteen)

Door Counts (Bill Gates) Bill Gates might have had several “doors” closed if his name were Counting Doors.

Kevin Bacon (Kevin Bacon) If this name were said in Spanish it would sound so funny (and it would make us hungry)

Jeremías Hierros (Jeremy Irons) In Spanish, Jeremy Irons would be called Jeremías Hierros, which denotes toughness, he would not feel bad at all.

Rogelio Aguas (Roger Waters) The co-founder of the band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, would simply be Rogelio Aguas if his name were translated into Spanish.

Guillermo Herrero (Will Smith) His name translated into Spanish means that we do not see him in the same way: Guillermo Herrero

Winning Horseman (Winona Ryder) We do not know, but we can say that her name in Spanish could easily designate an imaginary superhero.

Tigre Maderas (Tiger Woods) This translation goes perfectly. Tigre for his cunning and woods, for his preference in golf clubs!

Jorge Arbusto (George Bush)

Justin Wood Lake (Justin Timberlake) The singer probably would not have developed the prominent career that he has done if he had used his name translated into Spanish: Justino Lago de Madera.

Miguel Berryman (Michael Berryman)

Swivel Bathtub (Tina Turner) Sometimes we should try not to translate the names in English, nor their surnames. Because they don’t make any sense.

Apple (Apple), daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin She found it, literally, “very sweet” and that is how the young woman, who is now 15 years old, was named after a fruit.