Famous people who died in April 2021

When a well-known or famous person dies, their followers can be heartbroken by the tragic loss, but it can also lead to the celebration of a legacy they left behind. Whether it’s entertaining millions of people, inspiring many others, or helping to change the world for the better in some way, through science or art, for example, their contributions affect many of our lives, often in very significant ways.

Throughout this 2021 we have been saying goodbye to various public figures from the world of stage, screen, sports, music and more. Among them were NASA officer and astronaut William Thornton, American journalist and writer Larry King, American film producer and screenwriter Walter Bernstein, American astronaut and medical researcher and molecular biologist Millie Hughes-Fulford, Canadian actor Christopher Plummer, the American mathematician Isadore Singer, the Spanish actor and comedian Enrique (Quique) San Francisco, the Spanish writer, journalist and historian Jorge Martínez Reverte, the Spanish oncologist José Baselga or the American neurobiologist Mary Jeanne Kreek.

2021 has already seen us say goodbye to some famous faces from the world of entertainment, culture, sports and science. Here, we pay tribute to all of them, never forgotten.

These are the famous people who said goodbye in April 2021.

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