Famous men who dare to braids

Some of the braids for men represent a cultural identity. Others, on the other hand, respond to a fashion.

For men with long straight hair, the low braid is the best option. As it does Jared Leto.

The rat tail was very popular in the 80s and is still in force thanks to some celebrities. If you like hairstyles out of the ordinary, this one Shia LaBeouf is the option.

Rodrigo Palacio decided to shave her head and not part with some lonely locks at the back and keep them in a little braid. You probably wanted to keep remembering the feeling in your hair when the wind blows!

The stitched braid, well glued to the root, like Maluma at the 2017 Latin Grammys.

Loose braids for men. Box braids are a type of braids for men widely used by singers. On many occasions they are decorated with stones or plastic or ceramic beads, as he did Bad bunny.

David beckham with braids all over her hair in 2003, a hairstyle that became iconic.

Braids with bun how happy looks Jason Derulo.

Faux dreadlocks. They are made with two strands of hair that are turned on themselves and each other, as shown us Tyga.

Crown braid is a very comfortable and practical hairstyle for training or sports if you have long hair. Jose Manuel Pinto placeholder image it shows off.

Labyrinth, where the braids follow a pattern to form a kind of labyrinth. How Lewis Hamilton showed it off at the Fashion Awards event.

Of colors like Lennox Another example of how a few strands of wool can take men’s dreadlocks to another level. Betting on colored hair is also an option. If the chosen colors contrast with the tone of your hair, so much the better.

Ozuna and his braids that characterized the last years of his career.