Famous men and women who have declared homosexuality

On the occasion of Pride Day, we review well-known faces from cinema, television or sports that have made their homosexuality public.

Pablo Alboran
“I am here to tell you that I am homosexual,” the singer revealed recently. “Nothing happens, life goes on the same. I need to be a little bit happier than I already was, ”he said.

Martina Navratilova
The winner of 18 Grand Slam tournaments admitted to being a lesbian in 1981, also introducing her then-partner. Since then, he has not stopped fighting for gay rights and has even received awards for it.

Tiziano Ferro
In an interview for the Italian edition of ‘Vanity Fair’, the singer acknowledged being gay to better assume himself and to remove from his body the pressures that he had been subjected to for a long time. In 2019, she married her boyfriend Victor Allen.

Caitlyn jenner
Better known at the beginning as Bruce Jenner, father of the Jenner sisters and stepfather of the Kardashians, revealed to be a trans woman in 2015. Since 2018 he has been dating Sophia Hutchins.

Ricky Martin
In 2010 he wrote “Today I accept my homosexuality as a gift that life gives me.
I feel blessed to be who I am! ” In 2018, she secretly married Jwan Yosef.

Ian McKellen
“I want to show that a prestigious actor can be gay and continue to play all kinds of roles,” said the interpreter of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or ‘The Da Vinci Code’.

Kristen Stewart
In 2017 the actress dedicated the beginning of her monologue on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to Donald Trump saying “I’m so gay.” That was the first time she referred to herself as homosexual.

Elton John
The singer came out as gay in 1988 and since then has constantly tried to fight for gay rights. In his biographical film ‘Rocketman’, you can see the challenge he went through to make his condition public.

Ellen Degeneres
The TV presenter revealed her homosexuality in 1997 and has been married to actress Portia De Rossi since 2008.

Neil Patrick Harris
The actor has been a partner of David Burtka since 2004 and, together with their two children, they form one of the most beautiful families in Hollywood.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor
The actresses boast of sharing several years of dating in the face of homophobic criticism or the age difference.

Christian chavez
The RBD singer confessed to his homosexuality in 2007, a few years after he became famous. Christian Chávez said that he was afraid of being discriminated against and criticized for his sexuality, and that was the reason why he hid it for so long.

Jodie foster
In 2013, she confirmed that she is a lesbian on stage at the Golden Globes. The actress gave a moving and revealing speech while collecting the Cecil B. de Mille award.

Anderson Cooper
CNN’s oldest journalist, host of the Anderson Cooper: 360 program, reported the news in a letter.

Victor garber
In 2013 he broke his silence and confessed that he is homosexual. “My partner Rainer Andreesen and I have been together for almost 13 years in Greenwich Village, because we both love New York,” he revealed during an interview.

Cynthia nixon
The Sex and the City actress sparked controversy among activists after claiming that she consciously chose to be gay.
She is engaged to another woman with whom she has had a long relationship. Before that, she spent 15 years with a man with whom she had two children.


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