Famous kitten “GIF” up for auction by means of “palo verde”

If we ask the common denominator of the people, what is a GIF? They probably don’t know what to answer us. However, in the last few hours one was sold in a « Crypto auction » for a succulent sum.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) -Graphics Interchange Format, in Spanish-, is a type of image that was created in 1987 by Steve Wilhite at Compuserve, a « Yankee » communications company.

In the first days of February, the animated portrait of « Nyan Cat », a cat flying in space and leaving a rainbow-shaped trail, was part of an online auction for about $ 500,000 on the « Foundation » platform.

The mythical »GIF» was created in April 2011 by Christopher Torres, a Dallas resident, who, to celebrate the meme’s 10th anniversary, decided to make a remake and auction it off.

The work, which received a single bid through the blockchain, was acquired for 300 ethers, a digital currency, which at the time of the auction was equivalent to 591,351 dollars (53 million of pesos). So far, the identity of the buyer is unknown.

“I just opened the doors to the future of the meme economy in the crypto universe, it’s not a big deal. But seriously, thanks for believing in Nyan Cat all these years », the artist published on his Twitter account.

This was the auction of the «Nyan Cat»