Famous candidates

One of the most difficult tasks in political campaigns is to fix the name of the candidate in the minds of the voters. The pollsters assign the technical term of « recognition » to the presence of the candidate in the memory of the citizen. It is usually a vital piece of information to start a fight.

In the 2021 election, almost all parties have resorted to nominating candidates with public recognition achieved in areas outside of politics to avoid the fatigue of building a known candidacy. Sportsmen and TV artists are the most required cases.

With honorable exceptions these famous candidates are a sham. They are usually agreements of mutual convenience for the use of public fame. They underestimate the criteria of voters who will vote only for renown. Profit cases are presented and percentages are agreed for the harvest of votes in favor of a marginal party that, in turn, buys its legal survival.

However, the greatest damage consists in the contempt for political activity exercised by the party leaderships themselves, which, they show, other interests. The characters have their rights safe but their artificial arrival in the political field means a fraud, a disloyalty to democracy. Devaluing politics with superficial proposals contributes to the distrust that politicians have in itself. The message is: anyone can be a deputy (or any elected office) because they do nothing, just raise their hand. It means giving speed to the slide of disrepute.

Despite the negative image of politics, the phenomenon of famous people being released from prison with electoral intentions also reveals that the ambition for power knows no professional boundaries.