Family ties between women, the inspiration for the Collectiva Concepción collection

The Mexican brand Collectiva Concepción is about to present its new Spring – Summer 2021 collection.

The collection of the season is inspired by the bonds of women, especially family, explains Concepción Orvañanos.

With this collection, the designer remembers her grandmother and other women in her family, and points out that from the womb, female fetuses produce all the eggs they will have throughout their lives.

Pieces from the Spring - Summer 2021 collection by Collectiva Concepción.Pieces from the Spring – Summer 2021 collection by Collectiva Concepción Courtesy

“They say that we began life in the womb of our maternal grandmother even before our mother was born, since each female fetus produces absolutely all the ovules that he will have throughout his life while still inside his mother. No wonder I feel my grandmother so close to me. No wonder feminine ties are unbreakable, united by something much stronger than reason.“, Explain.

In this sense, the Spring – Summer 2021 collection takes as inspiration “those links, codes and reflections as maximum guardians in time. In ancestral stories and techniques that are explored from the depths of the roots and that germinate in our hearts “.

For Orvañanos, over time, hewomen weave invisible nets of teachings, gestures and gestures, as well as personality, and these are wrapped in “who you are today”, because the generations of women in the families live within each one of us.

The different garments in the collection will be available on the official website of the Mexican luxury brand as of March 15.

Collectiva Concepción is a Mexican brand founded by Concepción Orvañanos, which “is dedicated to more than 40 rural communities in Mexico” and identifies itself as a socially conscious brand.

The artisan design company seeks to support micro-economies led by Mexican women, for which he donates a percentage of his sales to them, according to his own description.

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