Until now, it was necessary to have an iPhone to configure a new Apple Watch, but this is no longer essential: Family Setup makes it possible to start a new clock without the owner having an iPhone. For this, the father’s mobile phone will suffice, which can incorporate the Watch of the children and the elderly in his charge.

Having an Apple Watch meant also having an iPhone, both devices formed a symbiosis from which no user could escape. But what happens if a child needs a watch or an elderly person wants to use it as a complement to their health care? They may not want a phone (or should not have one), hence Apple has relaxed the needs by releasing a new family configuration plan. In this way, with Family Setup it is possible to configure new Apple Watch in the group with just the father’s iPhone.

With Family Setup the family benefits from security or location services

Family Setup

The new configuration is designed for children and also for the elderly. Thanks to Apple Watch’s potential to reflect changes in health, connect everyone in the family group, and keep those most at risk of loss located, Family Setup makes it much easier to keep them together while the cost is cheaper since it is unnecessary to have an iPhone for each watch.

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Family Setup allows adding new Apple Watch from the family organizer iPhone. Once incorporated, new members can add applications from the App Store of their Apple Watch, they also have the option to incorporate their own music and ask Siri for any task from the wrist. For their part, the parent or organizer can locate family watches while communicating with them using the Walkie-Talkie.

Family Setup
Family Setup

Registration of the activity with competitions in the family group, emergency services for those who need more care, a new mode called ‘Schooltime’ that allows children to focus on their studies and ‘Downtime’, a remote parental control that turns off the screen so that children do not lose concentration. All protected by iCloud encryption services.

Family Setup will be available starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16. For activation it will be necessary to have a iPhone 6 minimum and iOS 14; and an Apple Watch 4 at least in its cellular version that is updated to WatchOS 7. The Apple Watch SE is also compatible.

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