Family requests exhumation of relative from cemetery in Detroit and they run into 4 surprises

Illustrative image of a grave.

Photo: Claudia Peters from Pixabay

A family in Detroit, Michigan, who sought to exhume a relative to bury him next to the corpse of his mother came across the remains of four people, but none corresponded to the deceased.

“Four bodies were inside and none were his,” Jacqueline Brown-Parks, the dead man’s aunt, told Click on Detroit.

Desmond Stinson died in 2016 in his sleep after suffering several seizures. The man’s body was buried in Gethsemane Cemetery. However, the remains were not where they were supposed to be.

“He died in 2016 and we are visiting someone else where his tombstone is,” Brown-Parks added.

Desmond’s mother recently passed away and relatives wanted to bury him near his mother in another cemetery. But when cemetery personnel tried to exhume the body, they found several bodies and none were the man’s.

“Everyone is blaming everyone, but we are the victims in this,” declared the aunt.

“If that’s not my loved one, whoever Alan C. Williams is, I just saw his body in my loved one’s space,” the woman continued.

For its part, the cemetery was justified on the grounds that there were problems with the tomb files.

The managers of the place apologized to the family and promised to correct the error as soon as possible.

“We deeply apologize for the pain and annoyance that this error has caused the Stinson family and we are working to correct it in its entirety as soon as possible,” said the administrators as quoted by the aforementioned media.

“At this time we believe there was a problem with the files related to the tomb.

“Based on our review of the available files, we believe that Mr. Stinson was buried in an adjacent grave and we are working to confirm this,” the cemetery stated.

The operators added: “Unfortunately, the management company that ran the cemetery and performed the burial in 2016, abandoned the contract a year ago, after other issues of concern were raised. The City is currently in litigation on these matters, and we will not comment further on the ongoing litigation. ”

Following the Stinson family’s complaint, a man alleged that the cemetery managers have not clarified where the remains of his mother, who was also buried there, are.