Families in removal proceedings may request asylum in the US

15 minutes. The White House said on Tuesday that families in the process of expedited deportation who allege “credible fear” of returning to their country may request asylum or other immigration protection before a judge.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki provided the details during her daily press conference.

He said that people in deportation proceedings, or who are being processed, “will have the opportunity to present their cases before an immigration judge.”

Psaki spoke after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported that it will resume expedited deportations of “certain family groups” who cross the border irregularly.

According to the spokesperson, the processing of immigrants for expedited removal “is a legal and traditionally used means” to secure the border.

He defended that it is “a step” towards the “broader” goal of the Administration of President Joe Biden of “having a safe and orderly immigration system.”

Asylums in the USA

Attempting to cross into the United States by circumventing inspection of ports of entry “is dangerous” and has “long-term consequences for immigration.”

He specified that those who deserve asylum will treat them “accordingly.”

The plan released Tuesday describes the “next steps” that federal agencies will take on immigration.

It includes among the tasks “improving the expedited removal process for those who arrive at the border.”

The objective, according to the document, is “to determine fairly and efficiently which people have legitimate applications for asylum and other forms of protection.”

“Asylum and other avenues of legal migration must continue to be available to those seeking protection,” including families.

It clarifies that those who do not seek protection or do not qualify will be expelled immediately to their countries of origin.

Standard Title 42

Now-former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) implemented Title 42, a rule established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in March last year.

This regulation allows expedited expulsions of undocumented persons as part of the strategy to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Biden kept the measure in force, although he decided to accept the entry of minors who cross the border without the company of an adult.

So far in fiscal year 2021, calculated as of last October, more than 750,000 immigrants have been expelled under Title 42.

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