What started as a joke by Fall Out 76 players ended up changing the economy within the Bethesda company game

By: Web Writing

After the first announcements about the possibility of a pandemic, many people crowded department stores to grab all the toilet paper as possible, causing a shortage of this basic resource.

As a parody, video game users Fall Out 76 began to raise the price of toilet paper after many players began to hoard large amounts of this resource, which made it a luxury item in the Bethesda company video game.

However, what started as a simple joke turned into a real setback for the in-game economy. It is worth mentioning that in this game commerce is one of the main points of the virtual experience.

Fall Out 76 it is set in a post apocalyptic world that was consumed by nuclear war. After a few years of living underground, humans begin to surface to discover a desert world plagued by bandits who will not hesitate to draw their weapons to steal your belongings.