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Fall Guys is definitely the sensation of the moment. The title debuted 1 week ago and already has more than 2 million players, something impressive if we take into account that it is only available on 2 platforms and that it is an indie game. Well, large companies are aware of this success and many would be interested in having a collaboration with the game.

Following a simultaneous release on PlayStation 4 and PC, Fall Guys is enjoying tremendous success on both platforms. From the beginning, the developer Mediatonic announced that it would make collaborations and the first were Half-Life and Hotline Miami, with outfits by Gordon Freeman, Alyx and Jacket for the candy beans.

Well, the great performance of the game has stolen the attention of many companies not only video games, which seek to collaborate with the game to wear exclusive outfits. Among the video game companies that shared their designs are Konami, which revealed possible outfits based on Solid Snake and Naked Snake, and IO Interactive, which shared a design inspired by Agent 47 from the Hitman franchise. That’s not all, CD Projekt RED also hinted that it would be very interested in a Fall Guys collaboration with Cyberpunk 2077, but also with The Witcher. Clash Royale was not far behind and also shared its design.

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Designs for Fall Guys aren’t limited to video game franchises

Most interestingly, more companies not directly related to video games also came up with interesting designs, such as restaurant franchises and Chuck E. Cheese and KFC, who shared their design for the beans inspired by their pets. Walmart Canada, known for its video game leaks, also joined the trend and proposed a design with the recognized vest of the institution’s employees. The NHL institution Washington Capitals also presented its design and the Gaming chair brand GT Omega shared another very interesting design.

It is important that you know that this is not an indicator that a collaboration with the companies that we mentioned will occur, since sometimes these insinuations are made as a joke, but it is possible that more than one is not and that they will come true in the following months.

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The indie title managed to capture the attention of so many players at its premiere that in no time it managed to become Devolver Digital’s best release. Its developer knew that chance would play a very important role in the games, so she added an achievement that she believed would be impossible to unlock, but some players are already achieving it.

Fall Guys is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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