Fall Guys coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer

The indie phenomenon Fall Guys It is finally closer to reaching the consoles, specifically, the consoles that were yet to come, Nintendo Switch and Xbox in their different versions, as PlayStation 4 users can enjoy the game since its launch last summer.

So, from summer to summer and I shoot because it’s my turn, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, such is the official name of this title, it will expand to the main gaming platforms starting next summer, as has been announced in recent days. The exception – and the unknown that accompanies it – is in the mobile segment, which has been talked about for a long time without being finalized.

The truth is that it is strange that the game Mediatonic and Devolver Digital is going to take so long to reach other shores, although neither could anyone foresee an immediate success that, supported by the broadcasts on Twitch, has elevated it to one of the most played in the last months. Will Fall Guys hold the tug? Everything seems to indicate that it is, but its incidence on Twitch is no longer what it was.

In fact, it is enough to go through the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, App Store or Google Play stores, to find various clones that try to attract the confused user who is looking for Fall Guys, but cannot find it. Due to the aesthetics of the title and its proposal, in which races, platforms and pitched battle are mixed with a colorful kawaii style, in addition, the Nintendo console was an unavoidable stop.

Nintendo Switch users, but also Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users, will be able to enjoy Fall Guys from summer 2021Although it is still unknown if the game will be added to the Game Pass catalog or will only be sold separately. Be that as it may, we will have to wait to find out and to see if the wait has been worth it and other ‘phenomena’ have not emerged that eat the toast.