Falcon & Winter Soldier writer wants Bradley and Deathlok team-up

Editing of Isaiah Bradley and Deathlok

The creator of “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, Malcolm Spellman, it’s going to be pretty busy. Although he refuses to talk about it, he will be a screenwriter on the fourth film in the Captain America saga, continuing the story that began in the Disney + series. Spellman has also been quite vocal about his desires to adapt Deathlok’s version of the comics into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how much he loves Isaiah Bradley, introduced in the series with actor Carl Lumby.

In a recent interview with Everyone Loves a Good Story, the writer was asked what would be the best Marvel movie, to which Spellman expressed his desire to reunite Bradley and Deathlok:

I know which character should be there, I need to find a sidekick [para Isaiah], someone who has the same energy as him. So I’ll say, now that it’s been established, I will say Deathlok. But not the one they saw in Agents of SHIELD, Deathlok from the comics, and maybe Isaiah Bradley.

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In the MCU, Bradley was the first Captain America with a black complexion, who actively participated in various US government missions during the 1950s. If the movie were to be made, the story should be set in the past, with Bradley allying himself featuring a never-before-seen version of Deathlok in the MCU. As we know, Bradley was part of an experiment to create a new Super Soldier alongside other men, some who became unstable and others who died. Perhaps one of them was seriously injured and turned into a Cyborg to save his life.

On the other hand, the history of Deathlok in the MCU comes from the series of Agents of SHIELD The Deathlok project was started in a collaboration with HYDRA and Cybertek to create their own Super Soldiers, the first registered subject of this project would be the agent John Garrett in the 90s. If the project takes place, it is a question to see if Spellman dares to connect his version of Deathlok as a prelude to the project that we saw in the series. The character can also be introduced in Captain America 4.

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