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It is an indisputable fact that Marvel movies attract an unheard-of number of viewers to movie theaters. That is something that cannot be debated. That is why they are seen as chickens that lay the golden eggs. We still have the question of whether his Disney Plus series have the same effect. Variety recently said that WandaVision – 95% and Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% did not attract the number of subscribers to the streaming service that Wall Street investors had calculated.

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Today we have other data that seem to indicate that the show has been a success. That data comes from Nielsen (via Heroic Hollywood). In the world of streaming Netflix has been the absolute king for years. Amazon and other companies have been competing with it, but none have come close to its heels. Then came Disney Plus in 2019. The service exceeded all subscriber expectations. It has helped a lot to be the home of exclusive Star Wars and Marvel series, that is not counting all the content that Disney already has. Thanks to Nielsen we now know that a large number of viewers watched the last two chapters of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Because of those two episodes, the week of April 12-18 that series topped Nielsen’s charts for streaming services. We know that 855 million minutes of the program were viewed in that time. The company counts a viewing after the user spends two minutes or more watching the program on a streaming service.

In that sense, we can come to the conclusion that the MCU series have the same convening power as their cinematic counterparts. On the other hand, this information contrasts with the data that Variety gave. As we already said they reported that both Marvel series did not attract the expected number of subscribers. The reality is that streaming services don’t work like movies or television. Here it is not important how many people watch a show or movie. What matters is how many people pay month by month to access your content. In this sense, the figures that Nielsen gives are not so important.

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That said, we cannot rule out that they imply that the MCU program has had a greater acceptance than expected. The question is what Disney is going to do with this success. A fourth Captain America movie with Anthony Mackie at the helm was thought to be, but that has not been confirmed by Marvel. This is what the actor said a few days after the rumor gained strength:

I literally found out yesterday at the supermarket. The cash register guy named Dwayne, somebody cool, said to me, ‘Man, is this for real?’ [mientras me mostraba su celular] ‘I told him I hadn’t heard anything.’ That’s what I love about working at Marvel. They talk to you and say: ‘Come to Los Angeles, we want to tell you what’s going on.’ So I’m excited to know what’s going on, but I haven’t heard anything.

Needless to say, the mastermind behind the show, Malcolm Spellman, took another deadly thrust at that rumor:

Who said that? Kevin [Feige) lo dijo? Yo no tendría fe en nada que no hayas escuchado directamente de él

La realidad es que no sabemos en que programa o película van a continuar las aventuras de Sam Wilson y de Bucky. Podría ser en otra película del Capitán América, podría ser en una segunda temporada del programa o en una película de los Vengadores que aún no se ha anunciado, pero que lo harán cuando sea el momento preciso. La realidad es que con el hábito de guardar información con recelo de Marvel no podemos tener mucha idea de qué le depara al nuevo Capitán América. No nos queda más que esperar.

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