Falcon and the Winter Soldier stars talk about social issues

The protagonists of Falcon and the Winter Soldier referred to the social problems that they sought to address in the series to generate reflection in the audience.

The world is increasingly immersed in social problems that divide the people and create gaps between one group and another. This is why entertainment, in some way, has sought to address these issues to generate awareness. This was the case with Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a show that had the objective of being very modern and touching on these issues of global interest.

“These characters are dealing with what ordinary people are facing,” he said. Malcolm Spellman, creator of the series. The director was accompanied by Anthony Mackie Y Carl lumbly, who were part of the cast, in a panel to Deadline.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted to position this as a very, very modern superhero show,” added the writer.

All this arises as a comment on the conflicts of race, nationalism, classism and treatment of veterans that are seen today and that tried to be reflected in the program of Disney +.

“We knew that with the conversations we wanted to have, the best way to do it is if a character embodies something. Fans can see your intentions, but they are seeing it in a drama that unfolds on screen, ”added Spellman.

The cast

For his part, but on the same topic, Mackie said that “the idea of Sam wilson and his reality, those are things that I realize and feel every day, not only as a black man but as a black father ”.

“It was very exciting every day to go to work and know that I was doing something that I feel that no one else has really done. As surprisingly contemporary and relevant as this show is, I don’t know if any other actor has had that experience or that opportunity to go to work and tell their story in their character’s life, “added the artist who brought Falcon to life.

So too, Lumbly, who played Isaiah Bradley, left his impressions.

“As I played Isaiah, I felt the horror of what happened and the triumph of an individual who not only survived it. It is the triumph. He also has information about it that gives him a perspective that no one else can have, “he said.

“There is no life without pain,” he added.

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