Falcon and the Winter Soldier presents its first post-credits scene in its penultimate chapter – Tomatazos

Disney Plus has released the penultimate episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% after an interesting journey of the protagonists accompanied by new characters. The series starring Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie has raised new conflicts within the story already presented in the three Captain America films (Captain America: The First Avenger – 79%, Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 89% and Captain America: Civil War – 90%).

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The series created by Malcolm Spellman managed to connect with Marvel fans from the first episode, and although now Sam and Bucky are without Steve Rogers, the response has been quite flattering for both the studio and the streaming service platform. Each episode managed to stand out for something in particular, being among the highlights the introduction of the new Captain America, as well as the return of Zemo, who became one of the favorite characters.

After all the commotion that Baron Zemo’s particular dance generated, now the story is heading towards the end, but not before raising the expectation of the fans to know how the conflicts that the characters have been facing end. Obviously, many expect the latest episode to be less divisive than WandaVision’s – 95% and everything seems to be on the right track. So far, the first post-credits scene of the series has already given an idea of ​​what is in store for next week.

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The following paragraphs feature spoilers from the most recent episode.

After John Walker lost his temper when one of the Flag-Smashers caused the death of his partner and friend, the new Captain America committed a cold-blooded murder in front of many witnesses without fulfilling his duty to catch criminals so that serve a trial and sentence. Although throughout the series the soldier sought to be respected and comply with the law, this event affected his career.

The government has stripped him of his title and he was discharged from the United States Army, while Sam and Bucky manage to remove the shield that generated so many discussions between them. But Walker won’t stand idly by; Empowered after acquiring the last vial with the super soldier serum, he intends to forge his own path regardless of whoever weighs him and this is demonstrated in the extra scene where he is seen creating a new shield.

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In this shot, the character is seen in a workshop melting metal, where he includes one of his honorary medals, perhaps because of the meaning it has for him or as a way to show that he is revealing himself to the same government for which he worked. It is clear that the shield will not be the same as Captain America because it was made by Stark’s father with vibranium, however, John seems to remain obsessed with the symbol of the hero.

This moment may be the transition to become US Agent, the character that Mark Gruenwald created as a counterpart to Rogers in which, in some comics, he is portrayed as a patriotic villain. Although Wyatt Russell was initially teased after his first appearance on the series, the actor has shown his courage by reviving this character from the comics and earning his own place. For now we will have to wait a week to know how his story will end (or continue) in front of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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