Falcon and the Winter Soldier fans wonder if Steve Rogers is still alive in the MCU

The last time we saw Steve Rogers was in Avengers: Endgame – 95%. There he was an old man who entrusted his shield and his legacy to Sam Wilson / Falcon. We didn’t see him die on screen, but we did know it was the last we’d see of him because Chris Evans claimed his MCU days were over. The question remained whether at some point it would be explicitly said that it was his.

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Then Falcon and the Winter Soldier began to air – 97%. In all the chapters they were talking about him in the past tense, but the matter felt vague. Talking about him in that grammatical time does not necessarily mean that he is dead, I can imply that he is simply retired or even in a different time line.

Now episode 5 has arrived. One of the most anticipated moments finally happened. We saw Sam training with the shield. Everything seems to indicate that he will be the new version of Captain America. That said, while he and Bucky were chatting, many viewers couldn’t help but notice Steve Rogers was referred to as “being gone,” which can be translated as “gone.” This has caused fans to start debating on Twitter whether Cap is still alive or dead. If we ignore the posthumous tribute in Spider-Man: Far From Home – 82%, it is highly possible that either of the two possibilities is true. The reality is that if the actor is not coming back, it makes perfect sense in the world to assume that he is already dead; for a character not to appear again is virtually the same as passing away.

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There is no denying that it is quite strange that it was not explicitly said what became of the character. This reluctance to let us know their fate suggests that perhaps Marvel still has something in store in that direction. Maybe in the last chapter this information was revealed to us or the wishes of the fans are fulfilled and we will see one last appearance of Chris Evans in the MCU. Nor should we rule out the possibility that it is simply never said and we have to assume that it passed away. With Marvel you never know.

Meanwhile, here you can read the best tweets about the possible fate of the first Captain America. Fans are torn between accepting his death, suffering for it, or being anxious that nothing definitive is said about the matter:

Spoilers about Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Am I the only one on the edge of my seat waiting for an answer on whether Steve is still alive or not? Why do they always have to play with our hearts like this?

Saying Steve is gone doesn’t help my delusions of thinking he’s still alive.

It’s really fun for me to imagine Chris Evans ‘Steve Rogers growing old in a comfortable cabin in Indiana and checking the news in 2024. He just watches the events of Falcon and the Winter Soldier unfold and thinks’ Ahhh, it’s all part of it. of the trip ‘and sips his tea.

The number of times they say Steve Rogers is no longer in this scene. I can not…

Me trying to see if Bucky’s badges are actually Steve’s

Sam said ‘Steve is gone’ again in the fifth chapter … I’m not okay right now

So everyone thinks Steve is still alive in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but did they forget this scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home?

Did anyone else pick up on Sam saying, ‘one thing you and Steve are NEVER going to understand’? That is in the future, ergo Steve Rogers is still alive. Patience

A Steve Rogers alive for good luck

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