‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: Daniel Brühl claims that Zemo’s dance is longer and was improvised

Daniel Brühl has resumed his character as Baron Zemo, the one he played in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, for the new Marvel Phase 4 series that Disney + is currently broadcasting, ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’. The German-Spanish actor plays this peculiar villain and adversary of Captain America in the series that will try to determine who will be the successor of the superhero and heir to his shield in the UCM. So far we have three episodes and the last of them left us a scene that has become a phenomenon on the Internet: the dance that his character performs giving everything in a club in Madripoor.

The scene has taken the net by storm and became an instant meme. Brühl spoke about this same sequence when he sat down with EW and it was very curious what he said. The actor revealed that what we saw on screen is only a small part of what was originally recorded, some brutes that will be preserved somewhere in Marvel studios: “It was a very long dance. There are more things, but they cut this little moment. I did not know what was happening, but then I received all these messages from my friends laughing,” he said.

Also, the scene itself was not even posed in the script. It was born from a totally improvised moment of Brühl’s own momentum by being in the club recording and seeing all those people dancing: “It’s very hysterical. That moment was impromptu when I saw the crowd dancing, going crazy. I felt the rhythm and thought that Zemo had been in a German prison cell for years. So he needs to vent and show his movements. Let’s go for it I really liked the reaction of Anthony and Sebastian when they looked at me, “he said. And he came to think, he said, that the scene would finally be excluded in editing, but he was wrong: “Even so, I was one hundred percent sure that it would be eliminated. I was very surprised and glad that they kept it.”

“My Spanish side comes out”

Daniel Brühl, of a German father, Spanish mother and born in Barcelona, ​​does not hide that his roots were key when daring to go out and dance. She explained that her dancing skills are well known in her social circles, but that didn’t stop her from being ashamed: “My friends who know me well know that I’m an embarrassing and passionate dancer on the floor, but they would be different moves. My Spanish side comes out and I do bullfighter movements, flamenco, I kneel. Very embarrassing for my friends“, He said.

The next chapter of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​can be seen on Disney + starting next April 9.