Fakhreddine and Said Maalem reignite war of words after cancellation of title fight at BRAVE CF 50

SEEF DISTRICT._ Mohammad Fakhreddine and Mohammed Said Maalem did not have the opportunity to resolve their differences within BRAVE CF last week, as Fakhreddine fell ill hours before his scheduled vacant light heavyweight world title fight.

But that does not mean that the heat between the two men has diminished; in fact, it has only increased.

A very irritated Said Maalem posted a meme of his rival on his social media profiles, which Fakhreddine and his fans did not like, who in turn made several other memes aimed at Said Maalem.

The Algerian powerhouse later sent a video statement questioning Fakhreddine’s actions on the night of the fight.

The middleweight champion, who sought to become the first double world champion in the history of BRAVE CF, he was forced to withdraw from the fight with hours to go due to medical problems. However, according to Said Maalem, I was looking for a way out

“You made fun of my boxing and said that my fight is bad, you kept performing at the weigh-ins thinking it would scare you, then your coach comes an hour before the fight to tell me you’re not fighting. You had all day to let me know you weren’t feeling well, but you waited until the last minute. If I had a stomach ache and I had an hour left, I would fight like you and I would respect my audience and I would not be a coward », commented Said Maalem, who went on to say that he expects BRAVE CF grieve again.

I really hope they reschedule this. I can’t wait to show you how bad my boxing is and how bad my fight is so you can be very surprised », He said Maalem, ironically.

While both men have been fiercely back and forth to each other, they acknowledge that it is about them and not their countries or cultures. Said Maalem guaranteed that he had no problem with the Lebanese people, except for Mohammad Fakhreddine.