The world of manganime and video games is very frequently related, creating titles based on the most popular series that allow us to explore facets of our favorite characters in a totally different way. Thus, about a year ago it was announced that Fairy Tail would jump into the world of video games for the first time by Gust and Koei Tecmo, and that it would do it, unlike what might have been thought, with a Traditional RPG in which shifts would be the order of the day. Therefore, from the July 30, 2020 We can relive some of the central story arcs of this work created by Hiro Mashima and which has gained a multitude of followers throughout the planet. Time to join the most outrageous guild in the entire kingdom of Fiore!

From Tenryujima to Tartaros, through the Magic Games and through Eclipse. A very explosive plot!

The Fairy Tail RPG follows the story presented in three central arcs of history created by Hiro Mashima, which are the arches of the Magic Games, Eclipse and Tartaros, but also shows us the end of what would be the arch of the Tenryujima island. When we start our game for the first time, we already see on the screen who is the antagonist of this part in which the magicians of the guild go to the island to carry out an entrance examination for a magician of level S and so, without anesthesia and nothing , we are involved in a combat against Hades, which acts as an initiation to that turn-based combat system. However, if we do not understand much of what we do, there is no need to worry, since later we will be shown different tutorials with all the elements that must be taken into account. If you have followed the series, you will know that right at the end of this saga there is a turning point that takes us 7 years into the future, and it is precisely this fact that has been used to justify that later our characters start fighting at level 1 and without any skills.

However, there is one thing to be very clear about the plot, and that is that, although in the promotion of the game we were told that there would be no problem in following the story if we do not know anything about this world of magicians, the reality is Totally the opposite. While we have an argument guide in which we are shown details of the story arcs prior to Tenryujima, of the different characters we meet and of the most used terminology, the truth is that it is especially useful for those who know history to remember some elements, since on several occasions it feels like the information shown in it is insufficient. In fact, as we have already mentioned before, the very first scene already shows us Hades, assuming that we know everything that has happened previously to reach that moment. Or, to give another example, the plot of Lucy’s relationship with her father appears relegated to just a few minutes of play between all that plot content from between sagas that we have to do obligatorily and that makes the main plot take a while to begin to develop.

In fact, as for the development of the plot, this we see especially based on cinematic scenes and very exciting combat, since in this title exploration is relegated (most of the time) to areas of different sizes in which to carry out secondary missions or that we have to cross on some occasions in order to go to another point. We don’t find big dungeons at the end of which we find a final boss who puts us on the ropes, and in these stories there are many possibilities that have been missed, such as a possible dungeon in the first test of the Magic Games or in battle. Pandemonium, which is limited to a « surge » of two battles against multiple enemies.

Similarly, we can also observe other deficiencies in what is the development of stories, like that related to 3D modeling of characters. We do not mean that there is more or less quality (which is especially noticeable in the NPCs and the main characters, something that is usually normal in order to use resources in other aspects), but directly no models have been created for some important characters such as Melody from the neutral guild Crime Socière, the master Ivan from Raven Tail or even Macao and his son Romeo. Thus, we are faced with somewhat strange scenes in which the camera focuses on those characters who do have models while at the bottom of the screen we read a dialogue that in most cases does not even have dubbing, so it alternates between doubled and unfolded dialogues within the same scene. Of course, on other occasions it has been chosen to show a fixed artistic image extracted from the animation series in which we read the dialogues, something that works much better than this first option that we have mentioned, although there is still such a “problem” with the dubbing.

Likewise, if we talk about what the plot is, we also have to talk about all those side stories that have been included and that help expand what we already know about the characters. On the one hand, we have the missions of the mission board, where clients ask us most of the time to kill monsters, and that is that many of these tasks are used to develop relationships between the members of the guild. In addition, on the other hand, there are also missions properly linked to the characters and, in case of completing them, we are given the possibility of unlocking new ranks (up to a total of 10) that allow us to obtain some beneficial effects for combat, but also some more secondary elements, like new suits. Even so, these are of all kinds, that is, there are some more interesting and others that we do because we have no choice, but there are also some « disturbing », such as a certain mission that involves Wendy and in which it is spoken about the size of the bust of a character that is presented as a girl.

And is that precisely if there is something very present in the Fairy Tail game is the « fanservice”To the level that readers of the manga may be used to (in the anime it softened considerably in the first season and then increased more in the later ones). Therefore, there is no shortage of moments in which the characters, both male and female, find the motivation to adopt « sexy » poses or to take their shirts off (and the strangest thing of all is that Gray is one of those who least takes off his clothes). That we are going to win an extra turn in combat because Lucy has unlocked that ability that randomly grants it to us? We see a scene of her at the beginning of this in which she appears lying like a French girl of those who let themselves be painted, but in the middle of the field. What is at night in full magic games and the girls decide to go for a bath? Do not worry, we are going to accompany them (and we are going to see how Levi and Wendy complain about not having the bust as big as their companions). And so on many more occasions.

Likewise, we cannot conclude this section without also talking about the guild upgrade possibilities, which also play a big role in what is the progress in the game. When we go far enough, it is time to rebuild what remains of Fairy Tail, considered one of the weakest guilds in Fiore after many of its members disappeared on Tenrouyima Island, and therefore we must find the necessary elements that We allow some of the premises of the place to provide us with some beneficial events if we reform them, such as the percentage of experience received by the characters that are not in the active group is higher.

Show the fire that burns inside you. Join Fairy Tail!

However, if there is one strong point in Fairy Tail gameplay it is its complete combat system in which we spend most of the hours we dedicate to the title. To begin, it must be said that this has three difficulties, so there is no problem for those more newbies, but it can also present a certain challenge for the most veteran in turn-based combat; And the truth is that we need to create a good strategy if we want to become the most powerful magicians in the entire Kingdom of Fiore. In this way, we have a total of 16 playable characters, and also with the occasional guest, each one with a different function and abilities: Lucy (obviously) is summoner, Natsu is based on the element of fire, Gray uses attacks of element ice, Erza is a physical character, etc. But, speaking of characters guests, it has already been confirmed that, if we want some of these automatically attacking characters to become controllable, we have to go through the box using DLC of payment, as is the case in Lyon. Returning to what the battles themselves are, in order to succeed, we have to make use of the numerous mechanics that allow us to carry out attacks that combine the strength of those who are in the main group at that time. On the one hand, we have a meter that is located at the bottom right of the screen and that fills up as we carry out attacks, in order to allow us to carry out a chain of offensives (which can be greater if we improve the range of the characters) and that can end with powerful magic performed by some magicians such as the Makarov master.

In addition, when we receive blows, a meter that is located in the character’s statistics box is also filled, which means that we can « wake them up”, Allowing us to perform more powerful attacks, but also allowing some of them, such as the Dragon Slayers, to temporarily change their shape. Of course, this is not the only function of this meter, since we can also spend part of it on some occasions in order to chain normal attacks. And precisely the mechanics of « Unison Raid », the most powerful attacks, is the one that combines all the previous ones, and if we mount it well, we can get to see an attack scene that delights the most fans, such as Gray and Juvia attacking together and giving off « love », Gray and Natsu showing that fire and ice can be combined or Erza and Mirajane showing all the power they have, to name a few; and to be able to access them we have to increase the affinity between characters. These special movements, both individual and combined, have been used to take full advantage of the different relationships, and are a great attraction for the most fans of the series and manga. It is noted that in this regard they have spared no resources to please the players!

Regarding the enemies, one thing that we must keep in mind at all times is that they are in a 3×3 grid and that not all our attacks affect them in the same way, because together with the information on the offensives we are also shown the drawing of the different squares they comprise. And even their position can vary, either due to some side effects of the abilities of our group or the enemy group.

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And to finish the section related to fighting, it must be said that we are forced to use each and every playable character. Since the plot is based on three arcs of a plot that is classified as « shonen », all those that we can control have combats related to the development of the story in which they must participate, but at no time do we have problems with the levels if we make use of the different elements that the game system provides us and if we carry out enough secondary missions, where we are always told which members of the guild can (and should) participate.

A world that stays half gas

Moving to a more technical plane of Fairy Tail, it is time to deal with elements such as graphics or soundtrack, among others. If we start with graphicsWe are not going to judge at any time if these could have been better or worse, but it should be noted that we found a clear problem with the textures of some elements. Objects such as stones, doors or even some other source are frequently found in the city of Magnolia where it seems that textures to be applied are lacking, since they are shown with problems. In addition, in the promotion of the title, its creators also indicated that there would be no problem with the Nintendo Switch version because from the first moment it was conceived as a title that would reach multiple platforms, but the truth is that sometimes certain slowdowns, but you can get to reach 1080p (in desktop mode) and the 720p (in portable mode), running at 30 fps; although it should be noted that in the fighting there is no slowdown and they work smoothly. This may be a key aspect for some players to decide not to go through the box, since the graphics tend to be quite important in the different communities. On the contrary, if we want to highlight something positive, the loading times are quite fastAlmost instantaneous at times, so it doesn’t take long to start spanking those who get in our way. Even some of these environments usually feel like empty places, because although different NPCs that populate the place have been included, these have either almost imperceptible animations for the player or no animation, giving the feeling that they are statues placed there, and with the majority we cannot interact either, which further reinforces this hieraticism (although, for example, Magnolia city does feel bustling, thanks to the NPCs that move from one place to another, although the animations remain simple) . Conversely, the main characters are totally expressive and always give us the impression that they are alive.

However, if these charts fail to exploit the entire world of the kingdom of Fiore, the Fairy Tail soundtrack can stand out as one of the most positive aspects. For this game no musical resources have been spared and a large number of themes have been composed totally in accordance with the quality that the animation series had already accustomed us, making use of the same instruments that everywhere denoted the magic of this world. We can hear fully animated melodies that make our motivation reach its maximum state in the most intense battles, but also those more relaxed when we walk through the alleys of Crocus or the different natural environments in which the most deadly monstrous creatures are found.

Finally, we can only mention that the Fairy Tail difficulty curve is fully balanced (having three levels, as we have already mentioned above) and that, unfortunately for some players, this adventure is only available in English and French, with dialogues in JapaneseTherefore, if we do not have a medium level of these two languages ​​in which the menus are found, we will be able to accompany Natsu and company. Therefore, if we have sufficient knowledge to understand the dialogues, we will spend a few 25 hours (approximate, and also according to the difficulty we select) in order to complete the chapters in which the main story is divided.

Fairy Tail – A guild that is mid-ranking

Since the first incursion of Fairy Tail in the world of video games was presented at first, the desire of the players to play it has continued to grow, since we were shown elements that had been well adapted for this to be a traditional RPG cut title. However, we are facing a title that, although it has some more than positive elements, such as its excellent soundtrack or its more than complete combat system, we also found some development decisions that make no sense to the player, such as making scenes in which there are characters that have 3D models, while the appearances of others in those same scenes are limited to a dialogue window. In addition, it could also have been used to include the occasional dungeon and thus have deepened the exploration, since the plots of the story arcs that adapt lend themselves to it. Therefore, we can conclude that this RPG focuses on the development of the plot and the combats, making use of a certain fanservice, but relegating to a somewhat more secondary plane to exploration. Taking all elements into account, if we are fans of this story, we will enjoy it as the most. Aye sir!

We have analyzed « Fairy Tail » thanks to a digital code provided by Koei Tecmo Europe. Version analyzed: 1.0.1

A guild with some members missing

In Fairy Tail we find an RPG with more than positive aspects, but with other aspects that make the game not end up shining as it could have. Still, the most fans of this story can enjoy it enormously.


We relive the story of 3 of the Fairy Tail story arcs most liked by fans of the story from a new playable perspective

Its complete combat system gives us more than exciting confrontations

It has been used to deepen (sometimes) the relationships of the main characters thanks to the new secondary content


You can abuse the « fanservice » sometimes

Exploration is relegated to the background, precisely because of the close relationship between combat and history

Very strange scenes have been created in which characters with 3D models and others who do not have them have participated

Not translated into Spanish