Fail! Store cancels Xbox Series X pre-sales from speculators

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After bragging about the purchase of 1000 Xbox Series X units this weekend, a group of speculators and resellers saw their intentions frustrated after the store where the operation was made announced that all its pre-sales of new consoles would be canceled. a fact that has been celebrated by the community, although it also had a negative impact on those who did want a console to play.

Console resellers didn’t get away with it this time

This weekend, the group of resellers CrepChiefNotify, which in recent days claimed to have more than 3,000 units of PS5 in the possession of its members, reported that after a pre-sale period opened by the Very store, they got 1,000 units of Xbox Series X. Unfortunately for them, who had planned to do a big business with these consoles as soon as they were shipped, the store canceled the presales and pointed out that it was all a mistake.

According to the information, a representative of the Very chain informed Sky News a few moments ago that the pre-sales that were enabled yesterday, Sunday, November 29, were canceled: “as a result of a technical error, some people were able to order consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X for a short time on Sunday. However, these items are not for sale and affected customers have received notice that orders have been canceled. We apologize for the confusion caused. “

The good news is that this cancellation means that the 1000 Xbox Series X that the CrepChiefNotify group boasted will not be in their hands, at least not at this time. The bad news is that the requests of players who were looking for an Xbox Series X to play were also canceled.

Although this could be considered as an ironic act of justice, or even a decision made by the store after becoming involved in the scandal, the truth is that groups like CrepChiefNotify, have become a problem for the console sector at this time because The hype generated by PS5 and Xbox Series X | S caught the attention of resellers, who launched their tools to try to get the most consoles in presale to offer them at twice or more their original price in sales channels in Internet.

Recently, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, acknowledged that there is annoyance due to this type of situation and the shortage of Xbox Series X, since Microsoft’s goal is that there are always consoles available for players, however, between the pandemic and the presence of resellers, this has not been possible.

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