Faf Larage “disgusted” by what is happening at OM

Faf Larage, the Marseille rapper, explained why he decided to sign a platform to defend the supporters against the management of OM.

Only a few hours after the speech of the hip-hop group, IAM via one of its leaders, Akhenaton, it is another rapper from Marseille who decided to discuss the delicate situation in which he finds himself Olympique de Marseille. This is Faf Larage. Having also signed the support platform for supporters entitled “OM does not fit in a football club. », The Marseille artist wanted to express his incomprehension.

“We are mainly targeting Eyraud”

“I am rather disgusted with what is happening in terms of management, I line up behind the supporters. We all have the feeling of not being listened to and heard, said Faf Larage. This is why there was this Tribune, it is to be heard. I can’t understand how you can’t take into account a city that says it’s fed up. And opposite, there is a closed door. I am confused and disgusted. “

After recalling the disarray in which some of the Marseille supporters find themselves, the Marseille rapper explained that the protest wants the departure of a particular man. “For the moment, we are mainly targeting Eyraud, it’s a bit unanimous,” said the artist. For the shareholder, the question is where he is. He must take a stand. If he doesn’t, he’s going to put a city on his back. He may still have a card to play, but he has to listen to people. We do not understand this silence. “

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