The Foundation for Aid Against Drug Addiction (FAD), Google, the National Police and the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) have launched the project ‘Be Great on the Internet’.

As its promoters remember, currently the learning of the smallest and adolescents does not depend only on the family and teachers, but also on everything they consult and consume on the Internet, which is why they believe it is essential to have all the tools to make safe use from Internet.

To this end, the aim is to help families and educators to promote good habits in minors that allow them to function in the Internet in a respectful, critical and responsible manner.

The initiative stems from Google’s commitment to help children and adolescents make safe use of technology, as well as supporting families and teachers to take full advantage of what the Internet can offer.

For its part, the Fad has collaborated by preparing teaching materials for teachers and for face-to-face sessions in schools to be carried out by the National Police, as well as adapting the entire proposal to the Spanish educational context.

‘Be great on the Internet’ is a free access website made up of educational games for boys and girls designed by experts in digital security and resources for families and educators.

The program is built around Interland, an interactive playful experience that offers a journey through four mini-games in which children can put into practice the skills necessary to be good digital citizens and help other Internet users to combat evil. behavior of hackers, impersonators, users who share too much and cyber bullies.

The game, although it is for all ages, is aimed at children between 8 and 10 years old.


The website incorporates a specific section for families with resources such as a Guide for Families with the aim of promoting conversations at home about digital security and identifying good habits in the use of technology among the little ones.

The portal also has a resources section for educators that includes a Training Program, designed for students from third to sixth grade of Primary, which has been developed by Google in collaboration with Fad, the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE) and the National Police for a secure Internet.

These contents offer teachers the tools and methods necessary to teach the basic concepts of security and digital citizenship in the classroom.

According to the head of Public Policies at Google Spain, Antonio Vargas, “parents, teachers, governments and also private companies, we are called to carry out the task of training children and adolescents to be responsible digital citizens.”

“Through ‘Be great on the Internet’ we provide resources and materials that promote five basic principles: Be smart about sharing content online; be vigilant to avoid cheating, safe to protect your information, friendly in respecting other users and brave to tell adults about those situations in which there is a possible threat on the Internet, “he details.

For the general director of the FAD, Beatriz Martín Padura, “The Internet is a key space for youth socialization, a space that offers immense possibilities for communication, education or entertainment, but for minors to take advantage of its potential, it is our responsibility to ensure that they do it safely and responsibly. “

“At Fad, we have been working in this field for many years and now we collaborate with ‘Be Great on the Internet’ because it offers the knowledge that society needs so that young people minimize risks on the Internet and take advantage of all its opportunities. Training ‘Be great on the Internet’ and the Interland game are two excellent resources that both families and teachers can take advantage of to achieve this, “he stressed.

“For the National Police, prevention is the best tool we have in order to avoid situations that may pose a threat to our minors. The ‘Be great on the Internet’ program helps young people and families to form in a way entertained in the use of ICT “, says the director general of the National Police, Francisco Pardo Piqueras.

“Digital education is one of the fundamental pillars in the safety of minors. For this reason, for more than ten years, the National Police has focused through the Master Plan on training the educational community about the risks that can meet through the Internet. With the Be Great Program on the Internet, joining forces with a digital giant like Google, it is intended to reach even more children and young people so that this training is deeper and global, “he adds.

For her part, the general director of the National Institute of Cybersecurity, Rosa Díaz, details that “the resources of ‘Be Great on the Internet’ are a great tool for families and teachers to train minors and adolescents in a safe and responsible use of the internet .

To help them in this objective, INCIBE makes available to all of them the number 017, the free and confidential helpline with which to solve all their doubts about Cybersecurity “.

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