Facundo returns to TV in the Cazatesoros contest program – El Sol de México

For Facundo, games of physical skill, abseiling, climbing and physical strength are no longer in his daily routine. At 43 he affirms that he is no longer the same as when he was twenty years old and that his thing is driving and this is confirmed in the new Cazatesoros program, which today premieres on Azteca 7.

After his conductions in My partner can and I will resist, the irreverent presenter returns to Mexican television with 40 broadcasts with 12 games in his first season, produced by Enrique Valdés. “I am very happy that they invited me, especially on the economic side because because of the pandemic I had a hedgehog everywhere.”

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He describes that, “in each program we go ‘Facundear’. That is, whatever format it is from this or that origin, when I take it I do it my way. This can come from Germany, Turkey or Korea as is the case of Treasure Hunter, but I put my stamp on each one.

“That motivates me, as you can see there are rules of the game, but how we present it is up to us. That amuses us a lot. “He says he is in a stable and calm emotional state, both in work and in sentimentality, although with the existentialist theme due to age.

“Like everyone else, age is inevitable, I can’t imagine doing things that I did when I was 24 years old. Now there are things that I’m afraid to do on the bike ”, he says.

He reports that on a sentimental level he is fine, “I already have a good time that I returned with Delia. He was a person that was missing in my life. We are back.

“Well, the pandemic drove a lot of gang crazy, due to the intensity of the relationships in common, not seeing people or being in the same environment and locked up. In the case of Delia and me before it was a common agreement to separate. We are happier than ever. Our secret is to tell ourselves the truth at all times. If you are with a friend and you feel like being there, it is very easy to tell him, see you later like we did and now we are back ”.

Facundo, among other things, accepts that Televisa producers have spoken to him for projects. Although he stops because there is no long-term guarantee.

“Yes they have spoken to me, but I am about the idea of ​​having a long-term job; because although in TV Azteca, I am not exclusive, I do have a commitment with them, as they do with me.

“There is a certain ethical part and I prefer to wait for myself, I am not that hungry either. I think being in a team like the one here for a while. If at some point they told me that there is nothing and my stage is over, I will not hesitate to emigrate. But while we continue for ethics, because they do invest in me. So I think I have to give back in the same way. “

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