Facing China, Joe Biden will combine Trump and Obama strategies

And where Trump insisted on trade conflicts with China, Biden intends, according to analysts, to regain a certain moral leadership for the United States.

But, with respect to Hong Kong, the president-elect “is probably going to base, and not reverse” Trump’s policies, which consisted of ending the preferential trade treatment that Washington granted to the semi-autonomous territory after the severe security law imposed by Beijing .

Biden may make more of an effort to question China’s influence at the UN, where Xi has tried to protect himself from criticism of his human rights record.

There are, however, opportunities to redirect a relationship with Beijing.

Biden’s first priority is to control the COVID-19 epidemic that has so far killed nearly 240,000 Americans, all amid a controversial tenure by the outgoing president.

In this area, there are possibilities of rapprochement with China, where the virus emerged and progress is being made in researching a vaccine.

The relations “may go from fierce confrontation to pragmatic cooperation in the fight against the epidemic,” an editorial in the Chinese nationalist daily Global Times said on Monday.

“Cooperation” in this area may provide clues to “re-evaluate some of the problems inherent in China-US relations,” he continued.

Also, Biden has proposed to return to be part of the Paris Agreement, from which Trump disassociated himself, as soon as he takes office.

With this, it aligns itself with the position of China – the main polluter on the planet – which has promised to restructure its economy around clean energy.