Days ago three cellular antennas were set on fire in the UK due to viralized social media posts, especially on Facebook Y Nextdoor, which linked 5G to the massive spread of the coronavirus in some cities.

The situation triggered the mobilization of both British government representatives and operators in the country asking citizens don’t believe such conspiracy theories and asking for an understanding that mobile networks are vital infrastructures.

YouTube will also remove conspiracy theories linking 5G to the coronavirus

Now Facebook, after pressure from the government and has announced that it will begin to delete any publication that relates the coronavirus (COVID-19) to 5G networks. Less than 24 hours ago Youtube He also announced that he will start doing the same.

The most popular and viralized conspiracy theory ensures that Wuhan, the city in China where the virus originated was the first city in the world to install 5G antennas. It is a totally false data, since the first installations of antennas of this type in the city occurred in August 2019.

The first city to install 5G antennas in the world was London, in February 2018 when O2 (Telefónica) began to carry out the first tests at the Millennium Dome.

Amanda Holden

An important part of why the theories have gained so much traction in the country is because of some local celebrities who have spread them. One of the most important was Amanda Holden, judge at Britain’s Got Talent, with 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.9 followers on Twitter. After severe criticism, his representative apologized and assured that it was “an accident”.

It is a behavior that, unfortunately, is repeated frequently throughout the world. Days ago Miranda makaroff, one of the largest and best-known influencers in Spain, published a series of videos on Instagram Stories with anti-vaccine slogans. Days later, far from apologizing, she redoubled her speech saying that she exercises her freedom of expression to speak her mind.

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