Facebook would launch its smartwatch in 2022 and it would have a detachable camera

Smartwatches have an increasingly prominent space among the devices preferred by the public and Facebook does not want to be left out of the competition. After several months without major news, The Verge has published new data related to the smart watch of the social network. The most striking thing? It would have two cameras, and one of them would be detachable.

The report is based on sources allegedly related to the Facebook project. The smartwatch would have a strong integration with social networks and would arrive in the middle of 2022. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s company would already be working with mobile phone operators in the United States to provide LTE connectivity on the watch.

If all the information is to be believed, Facebook would take the final step to compete with heavyweights in the segment such as the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch. Anyway, the first sales projections would be extremely realistic, not to say pessimistic. In principle, the company would not expect to market more than a couple hundred thousand units.

What would be the characteristics of the Facebook smartwatch?

The Verge indicates that the camera located on the front of the watch would be primarily intended for video calls. The second chamber, meanwhile, would be disassembled from the stainless steel frame and it would allow taking pictures to later share them from the device through different apps. It would offer 1080p resolution and autofocus. Facebook would collaborate with other companies to create accessories that allow integrating the detachable camera of the smartwatch.

Not many details are known regarding what software it would run, although it is mentioned that it would adopt “a modified version” of Android and incorporate technology from CTRL-labs. In addition, the future intention of Facebook would be that the smartwatch integrates with your own augmented reality glasses.

Facebook’s smartwatch would also include a heart rate sensor, which would also serve to record exercise routines. According to the report, it would be available in three colors (black, white and gold), and a price of sale to the public that would be around the 400 dollars.

If Facebook really wants to have any level of success in this race, it will have to hit the market with a truly revolutionary product. Start with several years of disadvantage compared to Apple and Samsung not a very hopeful scenario for Zuckerberg and company. Even more so when historically the strength of the social network has not been in the development of its own hardware.

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