Facebook on Thursday withdrew an announcement of the campaign for the reelection of US President Donald Trump, considering that it contained a symbol that the Nazis used in the concentration camps, an interpretation that they deny from the environment of the president.

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The symbol in question is an inverted red triangle, used in German concentration camps during World War II to identify political prisoners, primarily communists, anarchists, socialists, social democrats, Freemasons and union leaders.

From the Bell However, they denied that this was the intention with which they shared the symbol and they assured that this is used at present by the movement of anarchist court Antifa, against which the message of Facebook.

Despite this, the social network considered that, given the connection of symbol with the regime NaziThis violated its community policy against hate speech, which only allows the publication of this iconography if it is properly contextualized and « condemned or debated ».

The red triangle shared by the Bell Trump was accompanying a message asking netizens to sign a manifesto condemning Antifa, calling him « far-left crowds » who are causing chaos and destroying US cities.

The White House has repeatedly accused Antifa of being behind looting and violent protests across the country in recent weeks following the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis (Minnesota).

The decision of Facebook suppressing the announcement becomes especially relevant as it occurs in the midst of the open debate in recent days precisely because of the company’s policy of not censoring or verifying the messages shared by politicians.

Criticism of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg has escalated after Twitter if he started issuing alerts and partially blocking Trump messages in late May, considering that the president was sharing false information about the elections to be held in November.