Facebook will fight hoaxes on climate change

Facebook seeks to take a more active role in content moderation and announced that will fight the hoaxes on climate change. The company announced that it will add a section to its Climate Science Information Center where it will debunk the most common myths.

The technological will use experts from George Mason University, University of Cambridge and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. The communication specialists of these institutions will be key in their strategy to fight misinformation.

According to Facebook, hoaxes about climate change are older than the internet, although they have been greatly amplified thanks to him. The new section dedicated to eliminating myths and conspiracy theories would raise awareness and understanding of the phenomenon of climate change, according to an expert from Yale University.

“Climate change hoaxes are older than the internet”

Climate Science Information CenterClimate Science Information CenterClimate Science Information Center

“The spread of harmful falsehoods jeopardizes the level of international cooperation necessary to prevent catastrophic global warming,” said Sander van der Linden of the University of Cambridge. “Facebook is in a unique position to counter the flow of false information online. “he mentioned.

The Climate Science Information Center was launched in September 2020 as a measure to offer resources to users of the social network. Facebook created an information hub similar to that of COVID-19, but focused on offering objective and up-to-date information on climate change.

The space contains resources from the world’s leading climate organizations and practical steps people can take to combat climate change. Following its launch in the US and UK, Facebook expanded the rollout to now include Spain and Mexico. The information available in the Information Center will be relevant to where we are.

Facebook will assume the role of ‘referee of the truth’

Facebook Climate ChangeFacebook Climate Change

Facebook is taking a strategy similar to that of COVID-19 And now he’s directing weather-related searches to his new Information Center. The social network already started tagging posts on climate change by adding links to your Center. The measure is only available in the UK, but will be expanded to other countries soon.

The company’s position has changed in recent months following accusations for favoring misinformation. Just a few days ago he announced that remove all bogus content about vaccines and COVID-19 on all its platforms.

The problem with Facebook is that He has been advertising his strategies for years and the hoaxes and conspiracy theories do not stop. At some point Mark Zuckerberg declared that social media should not be “arbiters of the truth” and now try to back down.