Facebook will come to an end, says Deseret Tavares

Facebook will come to an end, says Deseret Tavares (Pixabay)

Facebook will come to an end, says Deseret Tavares | Pixabay

The end of the famous company of Mark Zuckerberg! That’s right, the famous seer Deseret Tavares has thrown her cards on the table and has assured that the end of Facebook is very close.

Facebook is going to create a new company, it also says that Facebook is going to go bankrupt and talks about how it will be sanctioned for different situations or illicit movements, Tavares shared

The Colombian has questioned her letters about the future of one of the most famous companies today and assures that the future of Facebook is not very encouraging. However, Mark Zuckerberg is a very intelligent man and to say of the Hollywood seer, he is already working in another company.

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Here it is said that the owner of Facebook or owners of Facebook… are already working on a new project that they will eventually launch in the next two years at the latest, it may be that we will start to hear something or other on social networks from next month.

Deseret tavares showed the future of the famous social network after all the legal problems that he has presented and indicated that he will end up “going bankrupt”; but not without first having an “ace up your sleeve”.

Here he definitely talks about Facebook collapsing and they end up making a new company.

Faced with the restrictions and others, the famous Colombian also questioned what will happen to one of the internet giants: Google, and if this too will come to an end.


It says that Google continues, I do not see that Google is going to end. He says that there are going to be changes that are going to be more appealing to users, he says that it will also be discovered that they steal information and he says that people are going to start paying attention to the rules, which we are already doing.

Fortunately for Google, the company will survive the restrictions and others that are being imposed, yes, implementing changes and others to be better every day and stay strong.

I see that a new competition is emerging for Google, which is something that we do not know right now, but it is a new company that is beginning to gain strength, it talks about the fight between Google and that company. I do not see that Google falls, I see that they begin to have competition, but they make new changes to stay in the market. So I see them stable, I do not see that they leave the competition for now, but the one that is in danger is Facebook.

But something that dismayed the followers of Deseret Tavares, who released these predictions on his official channel of Youtube, was that the seer pointed out that social networks as we know them will come to an end.

He says that there is going to be a fairly strong change with the issue of social networks, he says that we are going to see that access is completely changed, he talks about networks falling, they will give the opportunity to use something that actually gives us a lot limit to what we can say, what we can share.

Tavares was very punctual in pointing out that freedom of expression will be increasingly limited and publishing, doing or saying what you want on Instagram, YouTube and others will no longer be possible; for this type of thing even, a license must be requested.

Social networks are beginning to have quite strong restrictions, to regain the freedom that we had in the past in social networks, he says that it will no longer be possible.

Apparently, not everything is so dark for social networks, since Deseret Tavares has seen a survivor: Tik Tok. However, the clairvoyant star confessed that Tik Tok will survive because it does not produce forceful information and is too short, it would not cooperate too much to get the information to flow.

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Things such as Tiktok, things that have been short-lived, things that are not important, that do not give information, are the ones that are going to gain strength. Things like YouTube, like Facebook… they come to an end… we will also have restrictions with what we see, with what we read.

As part of the limitations that apparently already exist, Deseret Tavares continued with his predictions on a regular basis, but in the last one he was forced to continue in another forum as he assured that he cannot talk about politics on YouTube.