Although technology allows us to maintain communication at a distance and, during the health contingency, it proved to be a great tool to feel close to our family and friends without leaving home, it has some limitations. For example, it is difficult to see the same content at the same time to enjoy comments and reactions. Thinking about it, Facebook launches the “Watch Together” feature.

“Some things are better if we do them together. Earlier this year, we released several tools to help you be closer to your friends and family, no matter where they are. Today we are introducing ‘View Together’, a new feature that will allow you enjoy videos on Facebook Watch with them, “explained the social network through a statement.

The intention of this tool is not only that people can share what they like but also see the reactions of others in real time, through Messenger video calls and Messenger Rooms, making the experience more similar to being with the person in the same space.

Thus, users will be able to share, for example, a video of their favorite artist, the movies they like the most and even the fun viral videos available on the social network. “Watching together will make you feel close, even when you’re far away,” Facebook noted.

One of the reasons why the platform considers that this function can be very useful for users is that, according to their experience, connecting through video has become more important for the Messenger community in recent months since , through this application more than 150 million video calls are made daily and more than 200 million videos are sent.

“We created Watch Together so that sharing quality time with those you love most feels as close as possible to an in-person experience. You can use Watch Together to share a trending video, movie, sporting event, makeup tutorial, or an original content from Facebook Watch “, detailed the company.

Facebook added that this can also be a useful tool for content creators. “If you are an artist, DJ, chef or personal trainer, your community will be able to see and participate in your video through a Messenger video call.”

In fact, as part of the launch of this feature, the social network announced a partnership with the coach and author Melissa Alcántara who will share a series of fitness videos for people to exercise with their friends and motivate each other. This is because, according to a study conducted by Messenger in the United States, 70% of people who exercise with a partner have reached a fitness goal in the last six months, unlike people who exercise alone whose success rate has been only 45%.

How does “View Together” work?

If you want to try this tool to enjoy content at the same time as your Facebook friends, just follow these steps:

Start a video call through Facebook Messenger or create a Messenger Room.

Once open swipe up to access the menu.

Select the new function “View Together”.

From there you can choose a suggested video for you, or choose from the available categories like “TV and movies”, “Seen” or “Uploaded”. If you are interested in exercising, you can search for Melissa Alcántara in the function search option.

Facebook specified that it is possible to watch videos with up to eight people in a Messenger video call and with up to 50 people in Messenger Rooms.

It should also be noted that the platform is free and will be launched globally in the coming weeks for iOS and Android devices.

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