Facebook has been removing and blocking articles about the coronavirus (COVID-19) from its platform. It appears to be a bug in the platform’s spam filters, perhaps due to the large amount of content posted on that topic over the past week.

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Multiple Facebook and Twitter users pointed out during these days that Facebook did not allow them to publish new articles about the coronavirus published by different media, including BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, and The Times of Israel. Users did not know the reason, so they sent a report to Facebook, who also does not seem to know the exact origin of the problem.

Alex Stamos, former Facebook security executive, He said the error could be due to the company sending its workers to do a home office. Recall that the company led by Mark Zuckerberg made its workers in almost all dependencies work from home as a preventive measure against COVID-19 and offered them financial compensation. Alex Stamos commented on his Twitter account:

“It seems that the anti-spam rules at FB were broken. Facebook sent content moderators home yesterday, which are generally unable to work from home due to some security arrangements the company made. We could be witnessing the moment when machine learning went crazy when humans weren’t watching it. ”

Despite Stamos’s theory, Facebook quickly came out to say that was not the cause of the problem. Guy Rosen, vice president of integrity at the company, denied the ex-Facebook employee’s remarks:

“We are working on it, it is a bug in the anti spam system that is not related to the changes we have made with our content moderators. We are in the process of fixing it and re-enabling these posts. ”

Here is some evidence that Facebook removed or blocked articles about the coronavirus from its platform:

The problem is expected to be fixed soon, to help users get informed.