Facebook Gaming continues to increase its audience levels

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The world of streaming is very competitive and breaking through this sector dominated by YouTube and Twitch is not easy; Proof of this was what happened with Mixer, Microsoft’s attempt to enter the sector that ended up disappearing and its effort transferred to Facebook to strengthen its own platform. Precisely, Facebook Gaming has gone step by step, but firmly, upwards and recently a significant increase in its audience levels was revealed.

A recent report by Stream Hatchet revealed the numbers that Facebook Gaming has registered in terms of audience and that account for its rise in the video game streaming sector. According to the information, the escalation of Facebook Gaming began as a result of the pandemic in 2020 and registered a growth of 108% taking as a reference the period from January 2020 to January 2021.

In fact, January 2021 has been Facebook Gaming’s best month in terms of audience, registering 527,000 viewers, its best all-time number. Likewise, the report notes that the rise of the streaming platform has been driven by the scenes and communities of PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Arena of Valor.

Finally, the Stream Hatchet report points out the high probability that the rise of Facebook Gaming will attract video game companies to finalize business options. Likewise, it is considered that this year, 2021, could be essential for the present and future plans of Facebook Gaming and its positioning before the other streaming platforms.

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