Social networks have become an essential tool for millions of people, and among the enormous offer that exists, TikTok has stolen prominence for the great appeal it arouses among the population and for the interest it has generated in brands. Giants like Facebook know this and therefore do not think they will lose relevance.

In the last week it was revealed that the Menlo Park social network would have given up fighting with the Chinese app in the field of short 15-second videos. This by announcing the closure of its Lasso application, which was launched just two years ago, will be permanently removed from next July 10. The same will happen with Hobbi, an app very similar to Pinterest.

However, it seems that this is not entirely true, although it is about to cancel an application, Facebook is already working on a new plan, showing signs that it does not give up on its objective. The firm led by Mark Zuckerberg is dedicating a large part of its efforts and investment to Reels, according to The next web.

According to the available information, it is about promoting the Instagram function, the function whose objective is to compete directly with TikTok by allowing users to record 15-second videos with music and special effects, it seems to be their bet, Well, after trying it in Brazil, Reels recently arrived in some European countries.