Facebook detects possible acts of armed violence in the face of the act of possession of Joe Biden

After the last attack on the capitol, Facebook is detecting a series of possible violent acts in much of the country to challenge Joe Biden’s position on January 20. After the assault on the Capitol there is a tense calm that could erupt at any moment. Right now, the concern is maximum.

Facebook tracks the possible signals that could lead to violent acts in the face of daily normality in the United States, especially in relation to the act of possession. As a result, some of the messages found included a call to arms inside hate groups.

The concern is maximum, the FBI itself warned that armed protests are expected in 50 capitals before the celebration of the event where Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States. Both Facebook and the FBI maintain close contact on the latest violent movements within the social network to try to stop the protests.

As a preventive measure, Facebook prohibited all the content that used phrases such as stop the theft – Trump’s war cry. The storm searches to the Capitol and similar posts have also been under review for not enacting violent acts. As reported by ..

Parler was the only loophole that Trump could grab onto, but he recently stopped offering service. Parler is a service similar to Twitter, where its developer claims that they do not apply any type of censorship. GPS data extracted by Parler’s accounts reflected the severity of the recent assault on the Capitol.

Facebook and other services silenced Donald Trump

Complaint to FDA under President Trump

To prevent a direct or indirect appeal that incites acts of violence by Donald Trump, Facebook, Twitter and practically any service in which the almost ex-president had an open profile, were recently suspended.

The drastic decision tries to alleviate the most tense moments that are expected during the next days. The passivity and encouragement from Trump towards the coup plotters who stormed the Capitol were decisive in not giving him a voice on powerful platforms. An act in which at least five people died.

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